Rabu, 9 September 2015

ASUS TransFormer TP500 Flip now just coming- replacing the dead Samsung 15'-inch..RIP:2010-2015

Dear Peeps,

Right now i'm manage to blog again from anew and fresh ASUS TransFormer (my faveret.) flip Laptop 15'inch model TP500L, with Intel iCore5 2.2GHz n 4Gb DDR3 RAM, touch screen, flip-over 360'degrees gadget...

Replacing the dead Samsung RJ145 15'inch, intel Pentium 2 Core....still try to retrieve n recover all data from the hardisk though.... Reason of dead: Possibiliy of Disc corrupted (cannot start at all) + Display shattering n vibratez...cannot see anything clearly,... RIP Samsung RJ:2010-2015

p/s: Nak pakai MacBook Air mmg X mampu weeihhh, 4000riban ke atas tuuhh.....

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